[Timmy] Water U Doing this Sunday?

Sanjay Thakrar sthakrar at purdue.edu
Mon Apr 13 19:42:56 EDT 2009

Timmies and EWH,

The Water U Doing spectacular is approaching (This Sunday!) soon.  We still need
volunteers to help out with some of the stations.  Below, I've listed the
activities/topics that we'll be covering and would like to have a 2-3 volunteers
at each.  The event is this Sunday from noon-2pm at the Central Presbytarian
Church Gymnasium (we will carpool from the co-rec).  Please let me know if you'd
like to help out with any of the following stations (the people heading the
tables are in parentheses). 

Also, this Thursday at 8pm in the BME atrium we will be having another Water U
Doing meeting to make all of the posters that we'll need for the event.  If
you're good at arts and crafts you should really think about coming!


Education/Awareness (Rachana and Nimisha)- To discuss problems with water
sanitation in Africa and how they contribute to the status of poverty of in
these countries.  More specifically, discuss spread of disease (parasites)
through water and how poor water sanitation practices can lead to disease.

Water Sanitation Solutions (Ryan) - Discuss the methods in which water can be
purified, either by boiling or distillation.

Irrigation (Jared) - Discuss the concept of irrigation and how poor irrigation
techniques can further disease spread.  Have an irrigation activity that covers
proper irrigation techniques.

Alternative Energy (Kayla) - Discuss alternative energy that water can provide
such as hydroelectric power and water wheels.

Water Preservation (Ben) - Discuss water usage in every day life using
statistics and give methods in which you can save/limit your water usage through
daily activities.  Compare various countries and their water usage.

Water Testing (Michael) - Incorporate experiments that focus on various simple
methods of testing water for potability (pH, salt water testing, etc.)

Water cycle (Aaron) - Discuss the cycle of water in nature (condensation -
evaporation cycle) and how it can be utilized most effectively.

Any questions, let me know!  I hope to see you all there!



Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering
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cell: (317) 407-0770 

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