[Timmy] Meeting Minutes

Kayla Herget kherget at purdue.edu
Wed Apr 8 20:51:38 EDT 2009

Hello Timmies!

Here are the minutes from tonight's meeting. 

Events coming up:

1) 4/14 - Skip-a-meal fundraiser at Pucchini's 4PM-10PM

2) 4/18 - Dodgeball tournament, 6 people teams, $5 per person fundraiser
          Make a costume theme for your team!! (optional)
          E-mail Sanjay Thakrar at sthakrar at purdue.edu with teams

3) 4/19 - Water U Doing day with Trinity Education kids + a lot more kids!
          12(noon)-2, e-mail sthakrar at purdue.edu to volunteer

4) 4/29 - Skip-a-meal fundraiser at Noodles and Company 5PM-9PM

Elections will be held on 4/22 at 7PM in WTHR 172. Positions are as follows:

President - acts as voice of Purdue Timmy (to members, other organizations on
campus, at conferences, etc.); overall management of club and organization of
officers, events, programs, developments, etc. This position holds a lot of
potential to implement new programs in addition to supporting all members of the
exec. board.

Director of Fundraising - develop, organize and implement all
events/activities/etc. that aim to bring in monetary donations for the club and
partner organizations (this will include speaking with corporate sponsors in the
form of a formal presentation to solicit more donations, organizing
skip-a-meals, developing new fundraising ideas)

Director of Education and Advocacy - develop, organize and implement all
events/activities/etc. to promote Timmy within the community and the club itself
(ie. media, publications, lectures); this position will also be in charge of
keeping the website up to date - don't let this scare anyone off, it is really
easy to maintain and would only take a few minutes of time to learn the system

Director of Finance (Treasurer) - responsible for club funds including dues and
donations made throughout the year; this person must be available for quick
deposit and reimbursement for all members

Director of Programs - develop, organize and implement the annual banquet in the
form of leading a banquet committee, can also be involved in other activity
planning but banquet will be the main focus of this position

Director of Community Service - develop, organize and implement all
events/activities/etc. for volunteer service work within the community; this
includes the fall break trip, trinity sessions and new ideas for service work
within the community (maybe with the Red Cross somehow?); this position would
also have a committee to help with planning and implementation; also a member of
the committee would likely help to organize another alternative spring break trip

Please be thinking about what positions might interest you. I would encourage
everyone to speak with previous exec. members about the positions. Feel free to
nominate yourself or others. I will be asking people who are nominated by others
if they would like to accept the nomination or not.

E-mail me with nominations by Tuesday 4/14 at 4PM (even if you have talked to me
about it). I will compile a ballot to send out to the list prior to elections.
If you would like to run for multiple positions please rank the positions you
would like to run for so that I can try to order them in such a way that people
can run for their most desired position first.

That's all for now. Sorry for the super long e-mail!


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