[Predental] Pre-dent discounts and updates!

Elyse Cassandra Dynlacht edynlach at purdue.edu
Mon May 23 22:14:03 EDT 2016

Hey everyone!

This is Elyse Dynlacht, your Pre-dental club president! I am very excited to see what this upcoming school year has in store for us! Until then, I have a couple opportunities to present to you all!

First, for those of you planning on taking the DAT in the near future, I was able to obtain a discount code for DAT Bootcamp! DAT Bootcamp is an online resource that includes 1 free practice test (Chem, OChem, Bio, QR, PAT and RC), along with an available paid membership. The paid membership gives you instant access to:

5 Biology practice tests
5 General Chemistry practice tests
5 Organic Chemistry practice tests
10 Quantitative Reasoning practice tests
10 Perceptual Ability practice tests
5 Reading Comprehension practice tests

In addition to the practice tests, you gain instant access to:

Full Length DAT Exam Simulation
Individual category practice tests (i.e. Genetics, Taxonomy, Algebra)
Random practice test generator
PAT question generators for unlimited Angle Ranking, Hole Punching, Cube Counting, Pattern Folding, and TFE practice
300+ HD General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry video solutions

Our club discount code is "purduepdc" (without the quotes). The discount code is good for 20% off your upgrade! This 20% off discount is good until JUNE 6th! After that, the discount will still be 10%.  The paid membership/upgrade should be good for 90 days.

Second, to those who are planning on being in the club next year and will be on campus August 19th, the Pre-dental club will be hosting a booth during the fall Welcome Fair so that we can get the club's name out to those who are interested. It will be Friday, August 19th from 2-4pm. Some of the exec board members will be able to attend the event, but I thought I would open it up to other members of the club. If you are interested in helping with the fair, please email me!

Thank you all for your time and patience! I know this was a lengthy email! I hope you are all having a wonderful summer!


Elyse Dynlacht

Purdue University Class of 2018

Pre-dental Cub President

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