[Predental] Pre-Dental News!

mflinchb@purdue.edu mflinchb at purdue.edu
Tue Dec 1 19:31:41 EST 2009

Hello All!

*First off-- Congratulations to those of you who were granted acceptances today
and best of luck to those of you still waiting to hear back! We've got our
fingers crossed for you!!*

Second- Due to the fact that next week is Dead Week and the following week is
finals, we will not be having any more pre-dental meetings this semester. Please
watch your inbox in January for our Spring Callout and of course, elections. 

We will be re-voting for all positions in the Spring and anyone is welcome to
run. Here are the positions and the current position holders:

President- Morgan Flinchbaugh-- mflinchb at purdue.edu
Vice President- Laura McLain-- lmclain at purdue.edu
Secretary- Steve Spiritoso-- sspirito at purdue.edu
Treasurer- Anthony Nelson-- nelsonaj at purdue.edu
Service Chairs- Melinda Landwerlen-- mlandwer at purdue.edu
       Zach Fisher-- fisherz at purdue.edu
Social- Maya Gendlin-- mgendlin at purdue.edu
Webmaster- Brittney Jasek-- bjasek at purdue.edu

I've included our emails in case any of you would like to contact us about our
positions and what they entail.

Have a great rest of the semester-- STUDY HARD :)

Morgan Flinchbaugh
School of Health Sciences, Pre-Dentistry
Purdue University
mflinchb at purdue.edu
(260) 241-1135

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