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I wonder if any participants on the KB List would be able to point me to any
passages where KB deals with the issue of agency or symbolic action in
relationship to guns, the National Rifle Association, or a related
conversation. I already searched Jstor, other academic databases, and the *KB
Journal* and I was unable to locate any references. Hence, at Dave
Blakesley's advice, I thought I might query the community before I proceed
with Google Books searches of "gun," "NRA," or related terms within each of
Burke's major and minor texts.

Just for a bit of context, I am researching the question of symbolic
action/nonsymbolic motion through emerging conversations on nonhuman agency
in an attempt to extend a paper that I wrote in Dave's KB grad. seminar into
an article for publication. The example of gun violence and agency would
allow me to situate these conversations about nonhuman agency within a
well-established topoi (e.g. a complex description of the gun's
agency/instrumentality beyond the NRA's moral causation argument and against
various shades of social or materialist determination). Hence, I had hoped
that there might be an anecdote or a passage where Burke writes directly
about guns and agency in order to ground my comparisons between KB and
various proponents of nonhuman agency.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.



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