[KB] Speechless: Ike, Burke, and NSC-68

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I think we can agree on just about everything you say here, including 
the mixed bag of capitalist economy. I'm afraid the nasty bits can get 
out of hand, though, and spoil the whole show.

Gregory Desilet wrote:
> Tom--you say, "First, I'm not saying that Cold War U.S.A. is the moral 
> analogue of Nazi Germany or Khmer Rouge Cambodia."
> That's all I was wanting to get clear on. I'm concerned that some 
> people do want to go to that extreme in their critique of U.S. 
> government actions. If we shift the critique of U.S. actions from the 
> charge of programmatic genocide to the lesser charge of backing 
> economic engines that foster forms of slave labor, then I can go there 
> with you hand in hand in marshalling a long series of complaints and 
> pointing to dubious practices. You may be right that it is easy to 
> jump the track from engines of slavery to engines of genocide but I 
> would only point out that it does require a significant jumping of the 
> track. I'm sure Thomas Jefferson would agree.
> But I also wanted to clarify that capitalism, both ideally conceived 
> and in practice (i.e., in its real world unfolding entelechy) need not 
> be confused with the slave labor kind of economic engine just as 
> competition need not be confused with oppression and coercion. Whether 
> the U.S. has ever manifested examples of capitalism in healthy 
> competition is something you may want to debate, but I think examples 
> exist (but listing some would begin to take us far afield of the 
> thread I would rather stay on). In my view, the U.S. economy is a 
> mixed bag of healthy capitalistic competition in a few parts of the 
> market and monopolistic collusion in the majority of the market. We 
> have a long way to go to achieve healthy capitalism just as we have a 
> long way to go to achieve liberty and justice for all. 
> Greg
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