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Tony is right.  "Methodological Repression' was what I was referring 
to.  Sorry it didn't pan out.


>I could be mistaken, but I think that the "response" that Greig Henderson is referring to is not the one to Booth in 1974, but Burke's 1978 CI piece "Methodological Repression and/or Strategies of Containment."  Like Prof. Klumpp I gave this document the old college try as well.  Nada.  Though I did find another use of "solemn."
>-Tony de Velasco
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>I did not remember the quotation being in "Dancing with Tears in My 
>Eyes," but I gave it the old college try for Greig's sake.  I loaded the 
>article and searched on "sole" since that was the point of objection 
>that said it couldn't be Burke.  What came back was "solemn" and 
>"console," no "sole."  Thought that was almost the perfect Burke 
>response.  (And, by the way, "soul" wasn't there either.)  So, no, 
>Greig, not there.
>Jim Klumpp
>G. Henderson wrote:
>>Hi Clarke,
>>I can think of one thing that might be worth checking out.  I  seem to 
>>remember a response that Burke made in Critical Inquiry, a response to 
>>Fredric Jameson's "The Symbolic Inference," which was published in the 
>>same journal if memory serves.  That might explain Burke's use of the 
>>word "materiality."
>>It's a long shot, to be sure, and I can't find my copy of the journal.

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