[KB] Where did Burke say this?

schiappa@umn.edu schiappa at umn.edu
Wed Mar 4 22:39:02 EST 2009

Jim asks "Is the quotation Clarke is trying to locate actually Burke?"

I don't think it is. It captures a sentiment that I think is largely 
consistent with Burke, but "solely" and even "delineate" don't strike me as 
Burke talking. Sounds more like someone else glossing Burke.

We have almost all of Burke's books outlined on our website: 
http://www.comm.umn.edu/burke/ and I could not even find a single quote 
from Burke that used the word "delineate." Does not mean he never used it, 
but the quotation in question is so juicy I would have to think it would 
have been quoted.

ed schiappa

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