[KB] "We won"

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Mon Dec 28 23:57:29 EST 2009

My experience is that many fans say "we won" but "they lost."

In other words, in what Burke would call their "proportional" mix of  
motives, there are identifications with both "winning" and the "team"  
but the identification with winning outweighs the identification with  
the team.

The fans who say both "we won" and "we lost" have a different  
proportional mix.

Bob W

Quoting Rick Coe <coe at sfu.ca>:

>> I suspect there are few more straightforward examples of  
>> identification than fan[atic]s identification with professional  
>> sports teams (in which category I include major college football  
>> and basketball).  Just think about how often you hear fans say, "WE  
>> won last night," when talking about a group of professional  
>> mercenary athletes who happen to be playing in their city (for now)  
>> and with whom they are certainly not identical.  Heck, I haven't  
>> lived in NYC since I was 20, but I still identify with the Mets,  
>> Knicks, Rangers, Giants, and even the Jets; it still makes me feel  
>> good when they win!

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