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Rick Coe coe at sfu.ca
Mon Dec 28 19:20:36 EST 2009

>I suspect there are few more straightforward examples of 
>identification than fan[atic]s identification with professional 
>sports teams (in which category I include major college football and 
>basketball).  Just think about how often you hear fans say, "WE won 
>last night," when talking about a group of professional mercenary 
>athletes who happen to be playing in their city (for now) and with 
>whom they are certainly not identical.  Heck, I haven't lived in NYC 
>since I was 20, but I still identify with the Mets, Knicks, Rangers, 
>Giants, and even the Jets; it still makes me feel good when they win!
>I'll bet global warming would reduce Burke's prophesy, were he alive 
>to revise it, far below 50-50.  What are the odds that China, the 
>USA, Exxon, et alii  will do enough, soon enough to stop any one of 
>a number of possible events (e.g., the melting of the Arctic 
>permafrost) that would more than offset all seriously proposed human 
>actions for reducing greenhouse gases?  (On the other hand, if 
>something happens to kill about 5 billion Homo sapiens, preferably 
>the richer ones who consume and pollute more--remember Burke's 
>little 'declension' linking consumption, production, pollution, 
>etc.--the odds on our survival will increase significantly.)
>BTW, doesn't the term stereotype, like the term discrimination, now 
>signify only to those stereotypes deemed socially harmful?  Were the 
>fans booing Rolen booing him as a person or as what Burke would have 
>called an emblem (a.k.a., icon)?
>(50-50, BTW, is also the name of a Canadian raffle played at hockey 
>games, 50% of money spent buying raffles for the winner, 50% for charity.)
>Ya basta!
>At 03:35 PM 12/28/2009, you wrote:
>>Just a few quick comments on Jerry's interesting response to my 
>>last harangue.
>>Rick Wise for Steve Carlton in 1972?  To the Cardinals I still say, 
>>thank you, thank you, and thank you again!  What a trade for the 
>>Phillies!  In his first year, Carlton won 27 games for an awful 
>>Phillies team.  Along with Mike Schmidt, he was a lynchpin in a 
>>decade of Phillies success, from 1975 to 1984.  Those teams only 
>>won one World Championship, but the Phillies were "better" 
>>virtually that whole span.
>>Don't fret too much though, Jerry.  All teams make such 
>>mistakes.  Why the Phillies let Ryne Sandberg and Ferguson Jenkins 
>>go from Connie MacK/The Vet to Wrigley I'll never know. What a 
>>swipe for the Cubbies.
>>Then there's Rolen---first name excapes me---maybe destined to be 
>>the greatest all-around third basemen in history, if he had stayed 
>>healthy and continued to perform in St. Louis the way hie did his 
>>first couple of years there.  When he was traded from Philly to St. 
>>Lou, he said he thought he had died and gone to Heaven.  I remember 
>>one Father's Day, Veterans Stadium packed, my wife and I sitting in 
>>the left field stands, Rolen having an off day at the plate, the 
>>spectators booing him unmercifully his last at bat.  In my brief 
>>experience there, Midwesterners seemed to be "nicer," more 
>>polite.  Am I excessively stereotyping?  We all stereotype up to a 
>>point, always.  Our idealized, essentialized abstractions are 
>>inherently stereotypical.  As Trevor Melia once said in answer to a 
>>question of mine at an ECA Burke panel, "You couldn't cross the 
>>street without stereotyping."}
>>But what a fielder!  Only Brooks Robinson could touch him at thrid.
>>J. D. Drew?  I can see him now, from my seat way up and behind 
>>third base, hitting a home run at the vet for the Cards, to the 
>>sound of thunderous boos from unforgiving Philly fans.  He did put 
>>a thumb in the eye of Philadelphia while in a Cardinals' uniform.
>>As I said in my original post, Andy Reid and the Eagles have done 
>>just fine in the first decade of the 21st century.  They've been 
>>"better" again and again and again, even if they've never been 
>>"best."  Unless we symbolizers learn the lesson such "success' 
>>teaches, and learn it soon, Burke's prophecy, vouchsafed to me in a 
>>hotel room in Boston in 1987 may come to pass on the 
>>downside.  What are our chances in the years ahead, I 
>>asked?  "Fifty-fifty," Burke replied.
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