[KB] Karlyn Kohrs-Campbell Award

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Thu Dec 3 17:17:20 EST 2009

       My apologies to the current President of the KBS---whoever you are!  
I'm an old guy, whose short-term memory is not quite the steel trap it once 
was.  Oh, it must be Bob!  I picked him in 2002 in N'Orlins, after I picked 
Greig in Pittsburgh in 1996, and before I selected Clarke at Villanova the 
summer before last.  (Well, nominated.  I guess we ARE a democratic 
organization, I'll grudgingly admit.)

       No, it can't be Bob.  He must've served from 2005 to 2008.

       Who became Vice President at Penn State in 2005?  That's the gal or 
guy now running our show.  Who conducted the business meeting near the Main 
Line July a year ago?  Can't picture that potentate.  Or did the outgoing 
President, Bob Wess, take the reigns for the last time?

       Just a KBS back bencher, who nodded off in the bucolic V. U. 
Conference Center.



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