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It's listed in the "Works by Burke" in the
bibliographies on the KB Journal cite. Here's the reference:

"Dramatism and Logology." Times Literary Supplement
(August 12, 1983): 859. In reference to Robert M. Adams' review of the 2d
rev. ed. of William H. Rueckert's Kenneth Burke and the Drama of Human


Clarke Rountree

> Burkephiles All, 
> Back in the mid-1980s,
Burke wrote a famous letter to the [London] 
> Literary Times
Supplement in which he famously distinguished between 
"dramatism" and "logology." He was responding to an
article published in 
> the 
> Supplement just prior. I
think the piece that disturbed Burke's 
> equilibrium a 
trifle was written by someone named "Adams," but not certain.
I'm pretty 
> sure 
> I have it in deep file, but too deep
for easy access. 
> Anybody have any publication data
on that Times article on Burke? 
> In the screed, the author said
something to the effect that, as you're 
> reading along in Burke,
you're about ready to dismiss him, when suddenly a 
> gem of 
> an insight pops up out of this disjointed stream of consciousness
> (roughly this guy's take) and you stick with the
elliptical S.O.B. 
> Anybody out there with some
referential info? 
> Ed 
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