[KB] Warrantable Outrage

Edappel8@cs.com Edappel8 at cs.com
Thu May 29 23:47:02 EDT 2008

       Greg asks: Would I have done anything differently?  I assume he means, 
differently from Roosevelt.  I'll mull.

       As for my "joke," I thought the clear give-away was my reference at 
the end to the promotion of "foreign language study" by rhetorical comedy at 
such a heavy moment.  We would eventually have been speaking Japanese on the West 
Coast and German in the East because we might well have become a wholly owned 
subsidiary of the Third Reich and Japan Incorporated.  Heaven forbid, we 
would have ended up watching Japanese television sets, listening to Japanese 
radios, driving Japanese cars, and snapping pictures with Japanese cameras!  That 
would have become our very fate had we lost the war!

       Don't you now understand what wonders the rhetoric of 
tragedy/melodrama/romance---call it what you will---has wrought?


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