[KB] Warrantable Outrage

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       In the spirit of the two-part, four-hour documentary on the Presidency 
of Franklin D. Roosevelt that aired on PBS the past week or so, I offer the 
following rewrite of Roosevelt's speech to Congress, December 8, 1941, the 
opening remarks:

       "Yesterday, December 7, 1941, a date which will live, we sincerely 
hope, in the annals of international negotiations, the naval and air forces of 
the Empire of Japan brought to a head, we have to at this point admit, a 
long-standing and pressing need for productive dialogue between our two nations.

       "We regret that the Japanese felt a need to resort to such extreme 
measures to underscore existing differences between our two peoples.  We do, 
though, acknowledge, however intemperate their actions at our base of naval 
operations in Hawaii, that neither side, theirs or ours, has all the answers on what 
separates us, on trade, territorial needs, and the balance of influence in 
the Pacific region.

       "Accordingly, I am instructing our Secretary of State, Cordell Hull, 
to prepare for a meeting between Prime Minister Tojo and myself, as quickly and 
expeditiously as possible . . . ."

       Such a Burkean approach would surely have helped avoid further death 
and destruction on an historic scale, as well as calmed a freightened and 
aggrieved nation.  It might also have eventually facilitated foreign language 
studies in the United States, Japanese on the West Coast, and German on the East.

       Multi-culturalism indeed---way before its time!


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