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Fellow Burkelers-


The Spring 2008 issue of KB Journal is now available (at
http://kbjournal.org/). It features new essays by Samantha Senda-Cook
("Fahrenheit <http://kbjournal.org/senda-cook>  9/11's Purpose-Driven
Agents: A Multipentadic Approach to Political Entertainment"), Hans
Lindquist ("Composing a Gourmet Experience: Using
<http://kbjournal.org/lindquist>  Kenneth Burke's Theory of Rhetorical
Form"), and Camille K. Lewis ("Publish and Perish?: My
<http://kbjournal.org/lewis>  Fundamentalist Education from the Inside
Out"); the newest contribution to the "Burke in the Fields" series by Robert
Wade Kenny ("The Glamour of Motives: <http://kbjournal.org/kenny>
Applications of Kenneth Burke within the Sociological Field"); and a parting
essay, "The Future of <http://kbjournal.org/futurekb>  Burke Studies," by KB
Journal editors Mark Huglen and Clarke Rountree. In a new feature in our
Reviews section, we introduce twelve new Burke scholars in
<http://kbjournal.org/embarking> "Embarking on Burke: Profiles of New
Scholars." Also in this issue, Maura <http://kbjournal.org/smyth>  J. Smyth
reviews Christopher R. Darr's article "Civility as Rhetorical Enactment: The
John Ashcroft 'Debates' and Burke's Theory of Form"; and Candace
<http://kbjournal.org/epps-robertson>  Epps-Robertson reviews  Robert Glenn
Howard's. "A Theory of Vernacular Rhetoric: The Case of the 'Sinner's
Prayer' Online."


It has been a pleasure for Mark and me to serve as co-editors of KB Journal.
This is our last issue. Andy King of Louisiana State University will be
taking up the mantle of editorship. New submissions to KB Journal should be
directed to him at andyk at lsu.edu. 



Co-Editor, KB Journal


Clarke Rountree

Professor and Chair

Department of Communication Arts

342 Morton Hall

University of Alabama in Huntsville

Huntsville, AL  35899



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