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> Hey to y'all, I'm still here and lurking daily.  Thanks for the affirmation, Ed. 
> I don't feel blackballed, though I momentarily had the feeling that some members 
> thought my frequent focus on campaign issues and personalities was off the 
> list's main purpose.
> One of these days I'll have to go back and read Moby Dick again. Do you think 
> watching the movie version would count? Put another way, I'd say the movie 
> version[s] do count, but maybe they are significantly different texts than the 
> original novel, either by editorial design or by the nature of the film  medium. 
> Just biding my time for Hillary and Obama to play out their now-domesticated 
> primary string so we can eventually turn our thoughts to the campaign between 
> whoever and Sen. McCain.
> BTW, I did have the thought that the string of posts and responses about, with, 
> and to, and from Ed Appel might also make an interesting text for a 
> dispassionate Burkean critique -- language, terministic screens, scapegoating, 
> mortification, symbolic action, and unexpected turns in the parlor conversation. 
> Among other apropos approaches. I think dramatism is as illuminative of real 
> life as narrative is. 
> What could be more real than a scholarly blog, if you are a scholar in this 
> virtual community? 
> Someone other than me to make an attempt to write it up?
> Peace,
> David
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> >        I've been preoccupied in debate with a brilliant mind, that of Greg 
> > Desilet.  There's some old business I've had to neglect during that interim, 
> > making comment on the disappearance of participation on this list by David 
> > Thomas.  I don't like it.  I'm pretty obviously in favor of a loose 
> > construction, 
> > rather than a strict construction, of David B's rules of engagement for this 
> > list.  I, perhaps, have been at times abusive in some of the things I've 
> posted 
> > on current political themes.  Mea culpa.  David T has not been un-Burkean or 
> > untoward in his illuminating commentaries.  I encourage him, if he has 
> > graciously deigned to remain on the kb listserv, to get back into the mix, and 
> > not be 
> > permanently blackballed by a very few kb subscribers.  Until and unless our 
> > Lord High Executioner at Purdue yells "stop" and brandishes his scimitar, I 
> say 
> > press on, David!
> > 
> > 
> > 
> >        Ed           

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