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Mon May 12 13:10:03 EDT 2008

       I've been preoccupied in debate with a brilliant mind, that of Greg 
Desilet.  There's some old business I've had to neglect during that interim, 
making comment on the disappearance of participation on this list by David 
Thomas.  I don't like it.  I'm pretty obviously in favor of a loose construction, 
rather than a strict construction, of David B's rules of engagement for this 
list.  I, perhaps, have been at times abusive in some of the things I've posted 
on current political themes.  Mea culpa.  David T has not been un-Burkean or 
untoward in his illuminating commentaries.  I encourage him, if he has 
graciously deigned to remain on the kb listserv, to get back into the mix, and not be 
permanently blackballed by a very few kb subscribers.  Until and unless our 
Lord High Executioner at Purdue yells "stop" and brandishes his scimitar, I say 
press on, David!

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