[KB] Desilet, Moby Dick, and Melodrama

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Fri May 9 11:52:03 EDT 2008

An addendum to my previous post:

       In reference back to what I said about Burke's perhaps ideosyncratic 
use of terms, not unremarked by his readers and critics, the way out of this 
impasse may be simply to follow the example Brummett sets in the title of his 
DeLorean article: "Burkean Comedy and Tragedy, Illustrated in the Arrest of John 
DeLorean" (CSSJ, 1984).  It's BURKE'S constructions of comedy and tragedy 
we're applying here, nobody else's.  You want to use these terms differently?  Go 
ahead.  We're following Burke, and our take on what he has said on these 
matters is pretty much unassailable.

       There's more to be said in defense of Burke's views, in my judgment.  
This, however, can be our default position.


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