[KB] Desilet, Moby Dick, and Melodrama

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       Those scholars were:

       Leland Griffin, recipient of the KBS Lifetime Achievement Award at New 
Harmony, 1990.  (See his ref. to tragic-frame rhetoric in his essay on 
movement discourse in Rueckert's 1969 miscellany, p. 456.)

       William Rueckert, recipient of the KBS Lifetime Achievement Award at 
Airlie House, VA, 1993.  (See his KB and the Drama of Human Relations, 
particularly pp. 210, 212).

       Tim Crusius, recipient of the KBS Distinguished Service Award at the 
U. of Iowa (I think), 1999.  (See KB and the Conversation After Philosophy, pp. 

       Barry Brummett, editor and intro author, Landmark Essays on Kenneth 
Burke. (See especially, "Burkean Comedy and Tragedy, Illustrated in the Arrest 
of John DeLorean," CSSJ, pp. 217-227; but also Brummett, 1976, 1980, 1981, 

       This distingished list only skims the surface of Burke scholars who 
have applied Burkean tragedy to the identification and analysis of explicitly 
suasory discourse.


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