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There is this "dinosaur" reference on page 61 of
Rhetoric Old and New:

Here we would consider the problems of news: the
necessary inadequacy of the re¬port, even in the case
of the best reporting; the bungling nature of the
medium; the great bureaucratic dinosaurs of
news-collecting; the added risks that arise from the
dramatic aspects of news. (And to get a glimpse of
what sinister practices we do accept as the norm,
where inter-national relations are concerned, imagine
a prize fight reported in the style regularly used for
news of inter-national disputes: one fighter's blows
would be reported as threats and provocations, while
the other's were men¬tioned in the tonalities proper
to long-suffering and calm retaliation regrettably
made necessary by the outlandish aggressiveness of the

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--- "James F. Klumpp" <jklumpp at umd.edu> wrote:

> Can someone help me with a Burke passage I cannot
> find at the moment? 
> Burke talks about a stage separated by a scrim. 
> Behind the scrim 
> dinosaurs fought and killed in an orgy of blood and
> gore.  In the 
> foreground contemporary society played out.  Where
> is this figure?
> Your help is appreciated.
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