[KB] Let's not make things too (bleeping) quiet...

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I seldom post to kb, but I gain ideas from others' posts, often from Ed's.  So I second, third, . . . tenth the motion that Ed reconsider his hiatus.  Kenneth 

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>Date: Thu, 1 May 2008 18:35:15 -0700
>From: Jim Moore <jimmijcat at hotmail.com>  
>Subject: Re: [KB] Let's not make things too (bleeping) quiet...  
>To: <liminal64 at yahoo.com>, <kb at purdue.edu>
>   I agree with Jerry et al.  Because Ed A. isn't bound
>   to an academic institution,
>   his posts tend not to be tinged with the
>   sheepish careerism of some of the
>   fare on this list.  Ed isn't afraid to lose face or
>   piss someone off who he
>   might need as a career ally in the future.  This
>   generally makes for more
>   interesting (and useful) reading even though I don't
>   always agree with
>   his spin.
>   Jim
>   Jim
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>     Date: Thu, 1 May 2008 15:31:07 -0700
>     From: liminal64 at yahoo.com
>     To: kb at purdue.edu; mchambers1 at mac.com
>     Subject: Re: [KB] Let's not make things too
>     (bleeping) quiet...
>I second that emotion.  Ed's been a fixture on Burke-L ever since I became      
>involved in the late 90s.  Although I may not always agree with him or I may    
>not be interested in every topic he chooses to write about, at least he keeps   
>things hopping.  In the finest Burkeian manner, he's nervously loquacious at    
>the edge of an abyss, the abyss of near total silence that this list would be   
>without him.  Without Ed's curmudgeonly encouragement and provocation, about    
>the only thing we'd see on here is a request to check a reference or a CFP      
>posted once every few months.  I'd hate to see him intimidated or shamed into   
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>  Subject: [KB] Let's not make things too (bleeping) quiet...                   
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>  Date: Wednesday, April 30, 2008, 7:36 PM                                      
> A note to Ed A.,                                                               
> Honestly, Ed, whether I agree with you or not, sifting through the mini-piles  
> of Burke-List postings is never dull when you're engaging literature on        
> pale whales, Obama discourse, political chicanery, or whatever else you decide 
> to punch in when the mood suits you. Maybe your perspective on taking a break  
> has changed since Prof. Gunn's announcement of ten years of suffering          
> (another 30 to go and he'll be out of the desert...and near a Quality Inn      
> or a Denny's, perhaps...mmm, Moons Over My Hammy...), as I've noticed          
> another pile of unopened Burke mail awaits, but I'd just like to go on         
> record that an Appel-less Burke-List will be a much duller place.              
> Sorry that Denny's humor is all I can spill in this little note, but my        
> diss advisor is on this list and he'll be wondering why I'm not doing          
> *that* kind of writing.                                                        
> Take care all,                                                                 
> MC                                                                             
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