[KB] Let's not make things too (bleeping) quiet...

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Thu May 1 21:35:15 EDT 2008

I agree with Jerry et al.  Because Ed A. isn't bound to an academic institution,
his posts tend not to be tinged with the sheepish careerism of some of the
fare on this list.  Ed isn't afraid to lose face or piss someone off who he
might need as a career ally in the future.  This generally makes for more
interesting (and useful) reading even though I don't always agree with
his spin.

Date: Thu, 1 May 2008 15:31:07 -0700From: liminal64 at yahoo.comTo: kb at purdue.edu; mchambers1 at mac.comSubject: Re: [KB] Let's not make things too (bleeping) quiet...

I second that emotion.  Ed's been a fixture on Burke-L ever since I became involved in the late 90s.  Although I may not always agree with him or I may not be interested in every topic he chooses to write about, at least he keeps things hopping.  In the finest Burkeian manner, he's nervously loquacious at the edge of an abyss, the abyss of near total silence that this list would be without him.  Without Ed's curmudgeonly encouragement and provocation, about the only thing we'd see on here is a request to check a reference or a CFP posted once every few months.  I'd hate to see him intimidated or shamed into silence.
Jerry Ross, Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Communications and HumanitiesSouthwestern Illinois College2700 Carlyle AvenueBelleville, IL 62221(618) 235-2700 Ext. 5415--- On Wed, 4/30/08, MICHAEL CHAMBERS <mchambers1 at mac.com> wrote:
From: MICHAEL CHAMBERS <mchambers1 at mac.com>Subject: [KB] Let's not make things too (bleeping) quiet...To: kb at purdue.eduDate: Wednesday, April 30, 2008, 7:36 PMA note to Ed A.,

Honestly, Ed, whether I agree with you or not, sifting through the mini-piles
of Burke-List postings is never dull when you're engaging literature on
pale whales, Obama discourse, political chicanery, or whatever else you decide
to punch in when the mood suits you. Maybe your perspective on taking a break
has changed since Prof. Gunn's announcement of ten years of suffering
(another 30 to go and he'll be out of the desert...and near a Quality Inn
or a Denny's, perhaps...mmm, Moons Over My Hammy...), as I've noticed
another pile of unopened Burke mail awaits, but I'd just like to go on
record that an Appel-less Burke-List will be a much duller place.

Sorry that Denny's humor is all I can spill in this little note, but my
diss advisor is on this list and he'll be wondering why I'm not doing
*that* kind of writing.

Take care all,

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