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Hi, all--

Since Ed was kind enough to raise these issues on the listserv, I thought I'd respond to everyone....in case others shared these questions....

First, the VUCC is quite close to the main Villanova campus, and only a couple of miles from Rt. 30 (Lancaster Ave).  For complete directions, though, consult the VUCC's directions page: http://www.ahl-villanova.com/directions.cfm.  They are better than anything that I would provide.

Second,  on the 29th, we're going to have registration open at the conference center between 11am & 1pm.  However, the official events kick off with a buffet lunch at 1:00pm, followed by a keynote from John S. Wright from 2:00-3:00.  If you're at the conference center by about 12:30-12:45, then that would be fine.  [For those staying at the Radnor Hotel or in the VU campus apartments, you'll be picked up by a shuttle at noon to take you to the conference center...and (since it's the same shuttle, stopping at both places) you will likely then arrive at the VUCC at about 12:30-12:45.]

Third, the last event of the conference (the KBS business meeting) is 3:30-4:45 on Tuesday the 1st.

Fourth, the events on Sunday (dinner, then the Chapin concert) will end about 9:00 or 9:30.  The events on Monday night (awards & raffle & such) will likely be the same....perhaps 9:00.  As of right now, I've set the shuttle to return folks to their various lodgings at 9:45-10:00pm on each night.

Finally, I have tried to keep the proceedings well-lubricated: an informal cocktail reception each night, followed by dinner (including beer/wine).  That having been said, the VUCC "Game Room Bar" will be set up each night until midnight, as a place to hang out.  Those headed back to the Radnor will find a lovely bar there.  Those staying on campus (or those interested in hanging out elsewhere) who are looking for a pub/informal hangout can take the train from the Villanova stop down to the city, or just the surrounding suburbs (Bryn Mawr & Ardmore have a number of spots frequented by VU students & faculty)--though note that the trains don't run all night (see the conference website for details on getting around/transportation, as well as a couple of recommendations from George Boone about places to eat/drink around VU).

I think that's it!

Looking forward to seeing you all in a scant few days!


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       Thanks to John for his insightful post, and for that reference to his 2003 article in R&PA.  I'll want to look it up.

       I'm having difficulty finding certain information on the Villanova Conference.  Where is the Conference Center in relation to Lancaster Avenue/Route 30/the Lincoln Highway?  I clicked into a map of the location, but could find no reference to that main route, along which I will be staying.

       Also, I'm assuming the conference begins at 12:00 noon on Sunday, June 29, and concludes at 5:00 P.M. on Tuesday, July 1.  Do I have those times correct?

       Also, how late will main events last on Sunday and Monday evenings?

       One other question: Is there a pub or similar place for meeting after hours that's near the Conference Center?

       Inquiring minds, and all that!

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