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Wed Jun 18 21:09:34 EDT 2008

       On Clarke and Mark's excellent essay, "The Future of Burke Studies," 
in the current KBJournal, I just wanted to say:

       I'm astounded by the number of hits on the journal, internationally, 
only in the past year: more than 500,000.  Readers in many, many nations have 
accessed our journal.

       I still say to those who have questioned Burke's relevance to Eastern 
cultures and religions, which this summary essay touches on: Are we not 
possibly dealing with a greater comedic tendency in the East, as Burke would define 
comedy, than with the absence of drama and its guilt-redemption cycle of terms 
and moments?  I think that question requires a closer look than Burke's 
critics of this variety have given it.

       One more thing: Camille's innovative article on "Romance" as a 
significant genre of rhetoric absent in Burke's scheme of things, should engage us 
here on the kb listserv sometime in the future.

       Have a good day, whatever your nation, culture, or religion may be.


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