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The pattern of gender putdowns, insults, and vulgarity from Chris Matthews' Hardball programs towards Hillary Clinton is so blatant, long term, and well documented, he ought to be fired. He is the functional equivalent of Don Imus, only he's on network TV and not on right wing talk radio shows.

But he probably won't be fired because he gets high ratings. 

I think what ought to happen is that rhetoric classes ought to put a spotlight on it as a teaching moment. We should be teaching this stuff, on a nonpartisan basis, throughout the campaign. We could be using the Media Matters documentation, using the Jamieson clips from Bill Moyers, and generating classroom discussion over sexist language. Assign papers. Have classroom and campus debates on it. 

The Chris Matthews record is a clear example of what can and does get people fired in academia for a lot less. The usual fallback point for the gender language bullies is to disclaim the harm, to say it's all in fun, it's just joking around. But it isn't funny. Obviously it pollutes the political environment. If language is symbolic action, it's the verbal equivalent of the Taliban. It could be the ultimate political assassination of the hopes of Hillary or any other female candidate.

That's my opinion. As the Dennis Miller rant goes, I could be wrong. But I don't think so..


David Thomas

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>        An addendum to my previous post:
>        Kathleen Hall Jamieson dealt at length with the question of Hillary 
> and misogyny a couple of weeks ago on Bill Moyers' Journal.  So it's not just 
> Brock, MediaMatters, and the blogs and newspaper outlets that have picked up on 
> Brock and Foser the last 10 days or so.  Jamieson hit the vulgarities and 
> obcenities on such sites as Facebook expecially hard.  I don't recall whether or 
> not she nailed Matthews and Tucker Carlson.  Can anybody chime in on that 
> query?
>        Kathleen seems to be appearing now on most of Moyers' Friday shows 
> through the campaign season.  I hope I'm right on that.  I plan to be tuned in 
> tomorrow evening.
>        See ya.'
>        Ed      

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