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Yes!!!  I support Professors Gunn and Schiappa wholeheartedly!  Let's return the list to its original purpose and talk more about Burke and less about Clinton or Obama or the Democrat party or the Republican party.  Despite a few feeble attempts to posit a link, there seems precious little in all this to do with Burke.

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  As a postscript to Professor Gunn's email, I must admit that I get tired to 
  having to hit the "delete" button as often as I do when I get email from 
  the KB listserv and have been seriously considering unsubscribing until 
  after the election. Too many posts of late have zero to do with Burke--and 
  yes, I know it is possible to tie just about any idea back to Burke, but 
  that is not the point of most recent election-related posts.

  I highly recommend the website http://www.democraticunderground.com for 
  those interested in the sort of conversations that have been going on in 
  this list of late. You will find many kindred spirits there with very 
  energetic debates.

  But please, let's try to return this listserv to its original and primary 

  Another Ed (Schiappa)

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