[KB] Question about Resistance to Burke

brud0025@umn.edu brud0025 at umn.edu
Sat Dec 8 12:54:53 EST 2007

Herb Simons wrote:

Burke threatened the neo-A Establishment. He was an upstart, an interloper, 
a Marxist--a general pain in the Ass. Marie Hochmuth Nichols was 
supportive. Most of the neo-A's weren't.

Question: I would like to learn more about Burke’s differences with the 
neo-Aristotelian establishment. My impression is that this establishment 
hardened too soon prompting Burke to be critical of this 
institutionalization, but that is merely a guess. You mention only Nichols 
as sympathetic. Did this establishment ever get off the ground and does it 
have any truly notable members? Otherwise, as usual, it looks as though 
Burke will have made a greater advance beyond Aristotle than the 
neo-Aristotelians, by 1) retaining more of Aristotle, 2)using Aristotle 
more thoroughly, and so 3) getting “through” Aristotle rather than getting 
“around” Aristotle.

(Enjoyed the material about the "founding" of a Society; we go back in 
order to go forward again with even better equipment.)


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