[KB] Question about Resistance to Burke

Edappel8@cs.com Edappel8 at cs.com
Fri Dec 7 14:47:38 EST 2007

       Thanks, Herb, for compensating for my ignorance, and setting us 
straight on the formation of the Kenneth Burke Society.  That's of no little import 
for all of us on this list.  I've printed out your message on the founding.  
Now we know.

       I've got your book on that conference, The Legacy of Kenneth Burke, on 
my shelves.  Maybe there's something in there on the society's beginnings 
that I long ago read, but had since forgotten.

       It's great once again, too, to get a sampling of KB's epitolary style. 
 He was a pistol for sure.

       Hey, thanks for YOUR great idea and formative efforts.  The rumors 
have it that the KB Society is still alive and well, and headed for the Philly 
area once again this very summer.

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