[KB] Question about Resistance to Burke

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Thu Dec 6 11:31:18 EST 2007

       When I described Jim Chesebro as my "mentor" in Burke at Temple 
University, I meant "main mentor," the professor from whom I took or audited three 
courses with "Burke" in the title.  I learned Burkology from Herb Simons 
(persuasion theory) and Dennis Smith (interpersonal communication and something that 
had "change" in the course title), also.  Herb, to be sure, is one of our 
leading lights in Burke studies, and yet transcends what some might call our 
abridged sense of the communication field.  Whatever happened to Dennis Smith, I 
do not know.  He disappeared into the maelstrom of San Francisco in 1980, and I 
never heard anything about him again.  The last time I looked for later 
editions of Smith's textbook, I couldn't find a recent date affixed to it.

       Anybody know anything about Dennis Smith, where he is, was, or went?


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