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Hello John, Ed, Camille, Josh and all--

First, attuned to the logomachy as I am, I never pass up an opportunity to descend into the world of publicity: those interested in Burke, from far and wide, interested in any Burkean subject, I say unto you: submit a paper or paper proposal for the 7th triennial, to be held this upcoming summer, at Villanova.  The deadline, dear friends, is Feb 1.  Check other points on this site for the cfp, and the conference web address.  A splendid time, to coin a phrase, is guaranteed for all.

I, too, have seen the skeptical glances thrown Burke's way, primarily shot by those interested in chasing more contemporary (read: trendy) theorists and/or concepts.  Often those making such claims simply don't understand the nature of the ideas they are rejecting, so take heart, John, and keep your appointment with those difficult Burkean ideas.  These other folks may find in the end that they have latched (to use a musical analogy), not onto the Pixies, but Fountains of Wayne.

As an institution with a Catholic heritage--and, specifically, founded by the Augustinian order (the man goaded not only by his birth sign [Scorpio], but also by his symbolicity)--Villanova is a supporter of ritual from way back.  Try though I might, however, I could not get the conference center to agree to some, ahem, less traditional aspects of our triennial rituals. (I think I made them suspicious during my initial tour, as I continually attempted to see around corners.)  So, sadly, the séance designed to conjure KB, or at least glimpse a vision of Helhaven, was nixed.  And, sorry Ed, I was unable to afford the extra surcharge they wanted for the Demonic Trinity workshop.

Finally, the snake handling was definitely ruled OUT.

I look forward to sharing other rituals with all of you in June.


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