[KB] Questions about Resistance to Burke

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       Purely anecdotally: About 15 years or so ago, I heard Jim Chesebro at 
some conference or other say that a lot of folks in communication look on us 
as a "cult."  You'll have to get in touch with Jim, though, for any specifics.

       What exactly our cult ceremonies would be, other than congregating now 
every three years near the summer solstice, I'm not sure.  I haven't yet 
heard any serious invocations of "the demonic trinity," or participated in any 
group "secular prayer" that went beyond the bounds of propriety.  Maybe we could 
work something up from the "General Nature of Ritual," as per ATH, for our 
ingathering at Villanova, attune ourselves to some very, very "Old-Time Rhetoric 
of Religion."

       Think about it, Bryan.


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