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Mon Dec 3 18:41:58 EST 2007

Hi all,

New member here. I'm considering work on an article that would be about
theoretical resistance to Kenneth Burke within comm studies and english
rhetoric. The idea is essentially that, because Burke is so influential in
our fields, there tends to be a sort of largely unexpressed theoretical
resistance to Burke within an almost counter-cultural element within the
discipline. I'm curious if anyone can recommend articles or books that take
on Burke in one aspect or another, and especially interested in anecdotal
evidence from different departments of "underground" conversations to the
effect of "We just need someone to come along who can take Burke down a
notch." In my own experience, this has been a common enough attitude that
hasn't really been talked about much in the literature. I've got a few
points to look at in mind, especially Jameson in '74, Condit in '92, and
some of D. Davis's work on identification, but I'd love to here some of the
"talk of the field" around Burke from other locales to see if my experience
correlates with others.


-John McKenzie, M.A.
Doctoral student,
University of Texas
Communication Studies
Rhetoric and Language
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