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Fellow Burkelers-


John Lyne isn't on our listserv, but he wanted to respond to Ed's comment
that he was the one suggesting that Burke was offered a Columbia job as an
undergraduate. Below is his response.




Clarke Rountree

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Ed, Jack, et al.,

I'm afraid that Ed has a better memory than I do. I don't remember the
ambulant conversation about KB in 1996, either on the left or the right side
of the street. Unfortunately, I don't presently have any information on the
point in question, either. In the style of Alberto Gonzoles, I'll just say
that there may have been several matters being discussed, but I have no
recollection of that specific discussion. I'll let you know if I have a
sudden jolt of memory.

By the way, when I moved to Pittsburgh I bought a house just a few blocks
away and on the same street as KB's high school Alma Mater, Peabody. It may
be my imagination, but I think his ghost is still in the neighborhood. I
have sometimes been awakened at night with the spooky feeling that he is in
the liquor cabinet. 

John Lyne


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