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Jim Moore jimmijcat at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 22 21:04:41 EDT 2007

Jack Selzer wrote:

>Then I take back everything I said:  there it is in black and white from
>Josephson.  I think Josephson was speculating--but he has grounds for
>speculation no doubt and in any event that would sort of justify the
>wikipedia comment.

Jim responds:

With all due respect, I disagree.  What Josephson's comment DOES justify
is somebody adding Josephson as a reference to the Wikipedia entry along
with a comment that  no corroboration of Josephson's speculation is 
(At least not at the moment and there are serious KB experts on this 
I'm sticking with my urban legend speculation--and it seems to be an urban
legend that is, in print at least, at least 45 years old.  Who knows how old 
it is
off the page.  Burke's reputation in the academy picked up steam especially
in the 60s didn't it?  Josephson's comment seems to an important index of
Burke's reception history, no more, no less.  It ain't proof that he was a
would-be Columbia prof, in my book.

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