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Two requests please:

1. Can anyone help me get a copy of Rose Johnson's article on using KB to 
teach Kate Chopin?  The article is listed in two bibliographies (include 
our own KBib & the MLA Bib).  I've tried getting the article by 
inter-library loan, but apparently there is no such article in volume 60 
(1996) of the journal.  Perhaps there is an error in the bibliographic entry.

Johnson, Rose M. "A Rational Pedagogy for Kate Chopin's Passional Fiction: 
Using Burke's Scene Act Ratio to Teach 'Story'and 'Storm.'Conference of 
College Teachers of English Studies<javascript:void(0)> 60 (1996): 122-28.

2. The context is that I am writing a review article for our KBJournal 
about applications of Burkean method to practical criticism of 
literature.  I am looking criticism that uses Burke to interpret specific 
literary works.  So if you know of any such practical criticism that is not 
listed in KBib, please let me know.

I hope to complete this review article for the fall issue of the KBJournal.

Thank you.


Call a man a villain, and you have the choice of either attacking or 
cringing.  Call him mistaken and you invite yourself to attempt setting him 
right."  Kenneth Burke (Attitudes toward History 4)

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