[KB] Burke and the Industrial Workers of the World?

Matt May msm0062 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 15 14:37:41 EDT 2006

Dear KB List:

I am seeking references in Burke to the Industrial Workers of the World otherwise known as the Wobblies.  I am particularly interested in how he may have drawn upon the ideology of the IWW or certain concepts such as "sabotage" in order to situate a relation between himself and the Communist Party and/or the Left in general.  

Such references might include:
--obviously, actual references to the organization
--use of iconic Wobbly imagery, such as that of the worker folding his arms, the black "sab" cat, Mr. Block, the hobo, etc.
--mention of Wobbly ideology: critique of "the political," direct action, sabotage, anarcho-syndicalism
--mention of well-known Wobs: Joe Hill, Big Bill Haywood, Lucy Parsons, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn    

I thank you in advance for your consideration.

Matt May

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