[KB] The Mead of Poetry

brud0025@umn.edu brud0025 at umn.edu
Wed Sep 13 16:36:06 EDT 2006

A couple of clarifications about my last rather long post.

It is hard to decide what is playing the roll currently of Grendel or the 
monster. The terrorist threat? The aggressors or occupiers of foreign 
lands? In Burke's poem the monster is clearly Whittman's optimistic 
technological progress. There are two readings: The Two Towers 
(Tolkien)reading and the Mead Hall = Twin Towers reading. Either way you 
look at it, blood feud.

In an afterthought I should have ended my last post as follows:

Instead of writing "Roughly translated as 'On Pathfinding...'" I should 
have written "Roughly retranslated as 'On Pathfinding...'". I'm interested 
not in what is lost in translation but in what is gained.

Still sharpening my pencil.


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