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Thanks those who responded.  


In a sort of sophistication of Pythagoras’s theory of the Harmony of the 
Spheres, in Counter-Statement Burke writes about the Atonality of the 
Spheres. (p.36), by which he may mean that harmony and/or the opposite may 
be a function of where you are and when.

A short search of our marvelous internest revealed: (Wonder what Burke 
would have made of the World Wide Web) 1 The Duva Aparthotel: We are 
situated in the valley of the Tramontana mountains, in the north of the 
island of Majorca, just 850 meters away from the port of Pollensa beach. 
This is the ideal place for the perfect rest in natural and beautiful 
surroundings. 2 I’m finding Spanish and Portuguese names Duva

3 There is a Lou Duva, considered the “Raging Bulldog” in the boxing ring, 
born 1922.

Duva is Dove in Swedish (didn’t know that)
love that internet


Duva - ("The Hiding") One of Aegir and Ran's nine wavedaughters who are 
said to be the mothers of Heimdall, the guardian of the Bifrost bridge.

Leslie Bruder

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