[KB] A Burke Biography?

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Sorry for the late response--the spam filter grabbed this one.  Besides
Jack & Ann's, there's my book on Burke's development of dramatism during
the war years ('39-45), finished and making the rounds of presses in the
next month or so.  (Which means, look for it...whenever.)  Also not a
"bio," but as a historical contextualization of the theory, there's
biographical info as part of it.  Or there will be, when anyone besides
me can see it...someday.


Elizabeth Weiser
Assistant Professor, Rhetoric & Composition
The Ohio State University

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Greetings Burke Folks,

My apologies if this has been covered before, but I haven't seen it  
discussed on this list yet.

I'm currently reading Robert Richardson's new biography of William  
James (which is excellent, by the way), and that got me thinking  
about a Burke biography.

Does anyone know if there is a Burke biography in the works?  I'm  
aware of Jack Selzer's work on Burke in Greenwich Village, and I  
think I heard that he was working on similar volumes (although I  
don't know if that's actually the case).  But I'm wondering more  
about something like a 600-page full-on story of Burke's life and  
work, etc.

Is it still too soon after Burke's death?  A full biography can take  
a decade or more, so perhaps it's too soon.  Or is someone already  
working on this?

Just curious.  But if a project like this is not yet underway, it  
needs to be.

Paul Stob
University of Wisconsin, Madison
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