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John Hatch jhatch at dbq.edu
Sat Oct 14 15:27:18 EDT 2006

> I am trying to track down whether and where Burke himself used the 
> phrases "grace of catharsis" and "grace of statement." Rueckert uses 
> these phrases on p. 32 of "KB and the Drama of Human Relations." 
> However, I can't tell if Burke himself used them or Rueckert simply 
> congealed the ideas he had just been discussing in the previous page 
> into these phrases. (I know Burke discussed grace, "rhetoric of
and "rhetoric of statement.")
> If Burke used the phrases, it would be helpful to me to know the work 
> and page(s), since I am using the phrases prominently in a book 
> manuscript (revised from diss) and have discovered that I do not know 
> whether I can attribute them directly to Burke or not.
> Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer.
> John

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