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My experience has been that institutions are quite protective of their 
P&T rules and regulations, even when there are obvious contradictions 
between those rules and national standards, e.g., the enlightened MLA 
guidelines published nearly ten years ago ("Making Faculty Work 
Visible: Reinterpreting Professional Service, Teaching, and Research in 
the Fields of Language and Literature: Report of the MLA Commission on 
Professional Service," December 1996). Thus, even if one could document 
a national trend toward the acceptance of online publications as part 
of one's tenure case, it's unlikely this would be enough to override 
P&T practices at one's particular institution. My advice, then, is to 
talk with your department chair to find out how the department has 
dealt with the question of online publication in previous tenure cases.

If your department has refused to recognize online publication in the 
past, the key issue should be the review process; that is, one could 
argue that it is unreasonable to disqualify an online publication if it 
uses the same kind of review process of other standard journals in the 
field. I also think this argument needs to succeed at the department 
level; that is, because the department represents the scholarly 
standards of its particular discipline, it's quite unlikely that the 
Dean or higher administrators would reverse a negative recommendation 
on the matter of online publication.


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On Apr 2, 2005, at 10:01 AM, CJ wrote:

> Heya,
> I think bunches of us who've presented at KB or C's conferences are 
> working on those papers, aiming them toward (what my dean would call) 
> "legitimate" (er, peer reviewed?) publication. I'd venture a guess 
> that articles in the online KB journal have substantially been 
> generated in this way.  I keep hesitating to submit because I'm not 
> sure how many deens and VeePs out there are counting online pubs 
> toward tenure.
> What say the list members? Is online publication a commonplace for T&P 
> nowadays? or still an unsure thing?
> CeeJ
> Jeff White wrote:
>> Anyway...just tossing out the question (maybe introducing a 
>> complication where there is none needed...but what the heck, it's 
>> Friday and CJ has dishwasher emptying to avoid.
>> Jeff
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