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And just for the record, Bob's post #6:

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> In Response to Bob:
> I found out who Herbert Simon is from a kb subscriber.  He's a Nobel 
> in economics from Carnegie-Mellon.  I don't know of anything Burke did in 
> way of commentary on Simon's work.
> A few more comments on Burke and ethics might be appropriate.  You inquired,
> Bob, about the focus on ethics in either P&C or ATH.  The ethical dimension 
> human life and symbol-using is pervasive in Burke's writings throughout as 
> underlying theme that wavers, back and forth, from the explicit to the
> implicit.  For Burke, "moral aptitude" is what human being is about, what
> "drama" is 
> about.  Burke gets most explicit about it in his later phase, from his
> Princeton paper in 1951 (that became the appendix to the 1954 edition of 
> and 
> his essays on the negative in QJS (1952-1953).  The problem, as Burke sees 
> is that human beings are crazy with morality, "rotten with perfection" 
> 1966).  Humans are so ethically "driven" by the motives inherent in language
> that they kill one another over them, literally or figuratively, again and
> again, or sublimate their moral aggressions in seemingly insatiable 
> striving.  How to moderate these impulses, channel them, or somehow learn to
> live 
> with them and observe their outworkings with ironic amusement (with large
> dollups of "Neo-Stoic resignation" [GM]) is at the base of Burke's project.
> Hence 
> "comedy," Burke style, as prescribed paradigm for life and action, a 
> model that prompts us to "muddle through," not heroically glory in strenuous
> effort and martyrdom; chastise and correct without scapegoating; settle for
> imperfect revision, improvement, or mere restoration of the status quo, 
> than implacably press toward "total salvation."

> Burke and ethics: The philosopher and the theme are inseparable.

Nicely put. Thanks for this, Ed.


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