Burke Concordance--2000 pages?!

Stan Lindsay slindsa at yahoo.com
Wed May 21 09:15:48 EST 2003

Hi Jack,

I have not seen this, but I would have definite
copyright-related reservations about publishing
anything that would involve cutting and pasting
multiple large sections of Burkean texts.  Whenever I
have published on Burke, I have obtained the necessary
permissions to use Burke's materials, but there are
limits to what can be done here.  Some suggested such
an approach to me a couple of years back (and I am
working along those lines in terms of doing research),
but I would not be in a position to actually publish
such materials (or to make them available in
electronic form, as others suggested) due to copyright
infringement.  Instead, my concordance will
essentially include Burke's significant terminology
and the pages of his various works where he uses or
discusses that terminology.  Users of the concordance
will still find it necessary to buy (or borrow) copies
of Burke's texts to study the various references.  It
will not be anywhere near 2000 pages, but it will be
quite extensive.  Furthermore, even though I plan to
make a preliminary version available, I will consider
the work to be "in progress" for quite some time.  At
least, we have this:  Burke's writing has ceased. 
There is now a limit to what can be included in a
Burke Concordance.

Stan Lindsay
slindsa at yahoo.com

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> >There is also a disseration by Charles Francis
> Caroll (one of Jane
> >Blankenships PhD-students) from May 2002. Title A
> KENNETH BURKE 1931-1972
> >(i.e. KBs major bokks). It is almost 2000 (!)
> pages. Obviously Caroll
> >has scanned all of Burkes books into his computer,
> so he could search,
> >cut, paste and comment on 755 terms (derived from
> 4236 textual
> >references).
> >
> >Hans

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