Happy Birthday KB, KM, & SK

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Burke's line was always that it was worked out in advance (maybe in the "Prologue in Heaven").  Kierkegaard, the idealist, tells us how ideas come down from above.  Marx, the materialist, tells us how ideas rise from below.  Burke, the realist, tells us what ideas do when they get here, regardless of where they come from.


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SØREN KIERKEGAARD was born in Copenhagen on the 5th of May 1813.

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I know you're being playful but Internet sources (perhaps
not 100% reliable) have informed me that Nietzsche was born
on October 15 and Freud on May _6_.

Who believes in any of that astrology crap, anyway?
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>Hi, Burkelers--
>I didn't want to let the day pass without passing along a note for 
>weren't aware: today (Monday, May 5) is the 106th anniversary of KB's 
>It's also, as many of you know, the 185th anniversary of Karl Marx's birth.
>Sigmund Freud was also born on this day. And so was Nietzsche. And . . . 

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