David Eugene Spiech dspiech at
Thu Jun 12 11:33:41 EST 2003

This sounds like an oxymoron to me. If an ecology supposedly evolves
naturally, it cannot be entelechial, right? 


On Thu, 12 Jun 2003 Edappel8 at wrote:

> Of course, the most direct, uncomplicated definition of an "entelechial
> ecology" would be a perfected ecology, or at least an attempt to move
> toward as perfect an ecological balance as possible.  Such a balance, in
> a technological age, would require a TECHNE that supplemented nature,
> not supplanted it.  An entelechial ecology would presumably ensure the
> renewal and preservation of animal life, in all its diversity, while at
> the same time harvesting some of it for food.  It would somehow maintain
> the pristine nature of air, water, and land, or strive mightily to do
> so.  It would cut down trees for building materials, yet sustain many
> primeval forests, while reseeding others.  It would, as much as
> possible, foster collective cooperation with and utilization of nature's
> forces, "going with the flow" wherever feasible.  Etc. 

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