Burke and Plato

D. Smith dls216 at psu.edu
Tue Apr 1 09:44:19 EST 2003

That's even better!  Thanks!  -  DS

At 08:39 AM 4/1/03 -0600, James Comas wrote:
>On Tuesday, April 1, 2003, at 08:11  AM, D. Smith wrote:
>> Somewhere inA Grammar of Motives, Burke says something *like* 
>> "Whatever one makes of Plato's metaphysics, his philosophy provides us 
>> great insight into the workings of language."  I cannot find this 
>> remark.  Does anyone happen to know where it appear in GM?
>Perhaps the following:
>> Don't forget, however, that Plato equated the divine with the 
>> abstract, apparently because both transcend the realm of the senses. 
>> Hence, nearly everything that this greatest of dialecticians says of 
>> "heaven" can be profitably read as a statement about language. And 
>> that man cheats himself who avoids Plato because of a preference for 
>> purely secular thought. (253)
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