Mysterium Iniquitatis Edappel8 at
Sun Mar 31 15:48:01 EST 2002

Jim makes some really good points about the "complex," "multifaceted" nature 
of human motives.  They kind of echo Burke's notions about the "cooperative 
competition" persons are usually engaged in in so many areas of life.  Over 
the years, Herb Simons has stressed mixed motives in his pedagogy and in his 
writings, to name one Burke scholar seemingly in synch with such an approach. 
 Obviously, I don't know exactly what Bishop O'Connell was thinking circa 
thirty years ago, at the time of his "therapeutic" adventure.  I've given it 
an invidious twist.  I still tend to doubt that his motives were even halfway 
"pure," but I could grant that there might be some element of truth in his 


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