KB Flambé

David Blakesley blakesle at purdue.edu
Sun Jun 23 17:12:07 EST 2002

Hi, Everyone--

Just thought I'd send a (reassuring?) note that I've returned and am
watching over the list again. Thanks to Jerry Ross for stepping in, and
to David Beard and the rest of you for responding so well to our
interloper, who is long gone now and has a dead email account,
apparently. It's a healthy sign, I think, that list members responded
with silence for the most part. Four or five years ago, such flames
would have been fanned. It's usually best to just let them burn
themselves out and use the delete button. You should have seen the
messages for what's-his-name that Majordomo flagged for profanity and
that I just now rejected . . .

Anyway, carry on. If anyone has questions about managing your
subscription, watch for the KB's FAQs message that I send out shortly.


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