Eleanor Burke Leacock

Aune James A jaune at neo.tamu.edu
Tue Jun 18 20:55:10 EST 2002

I discovered something recently that might be of interest to folks on this 
list, and I have a question related to it.  I have been working on an essay 
on Friedrich Engels' Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State, 
and I noticed that the best recent edition of that book is edited by Eleanor 
Burke Leacock, KB's daughter, who was a prominent Marxist anthropologist, 
noted for her fieldwork in Labrador and for cross-cultural studies of male 
dominance (in her book on the latter, which is dedicated to her parents, she 
cites KB on "symbolic action" a few times).  The Engels book is published by 
International Publishers, the publishing arm of the US Communist Party;  I 
don't know for certain if Burke Leacock was a party member, but given the 
party's reputation for orthodoxy, I think it would be unlikely for them to 
publish her work otherwise.  

Anyway, since anthropology is one of many missing wholes in my education, I 
was kind of intrigued by the whole thing.  Does anyone know anything about 
KB's relationship with his daughter?

Jim Aune
Texas A & M 

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