I Usually Just Rant

Edappel8@cs.com Edappel8 at cs.com
Fri Jul 19 19:14:34 EST 2002

My computer's been acting up of late, hence the percipitate mailing of my 
unfinished message.  Let me conclude:

Burke's essentially, would we need say "inexorably," charitable view of 
things, from the comic perspective, brings us back to Herb Simons' demurrer 
about "warrantable outrage."  We've been through that one before.  I'll 
simply reference my summary of Herb's seminar at the Iowa Conference (1999), 
published in a recent edition of the KB Newsletter.

I'll end with a question: Name a conservative who is not an afficianado of 
"moral clarity," a fully vetted card-caring conservative who takes cognizance 
of life's paradoxes, moral ambiguities, gray-colored choices between morally 
compromised, or partly morally compromised, alternatives.

It would be funny-looking animal.



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